Lawn Services Provided

  • Weed Control
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Lawn Aeration Services
  • Lawn Pest Control

Why Evergreen for your Buffalo Lawn Care?

Evergreen Lawn & Tree Care has been providing lawn care for residential & commercial Buffalo, NY and Western New York customers since 1985.  We are experts in ensuring your lawn is well maintained and provides you with the the joy of a great lawn without the headaches and hassle of maintaining your lawn on your own.  Our professional staff will provide you with the highest level of customer service and care.  Let us take your lawn to the next level!  Call us today at (716) 433-4874.

Weed Control
Nothing is more frustrating than having your lawn full of weeds.  Evergreen Lawn & Tree Care will keep your lawn free of weeds with our comprehensive weed control system.

Lawn Fertilization
We will provide lawn fertilization services to ensure your lawn quickly grows strong and healthy.

Lawn Aeration Services
Tried everything else and your lawn still not right?  You might need lawn aeration services.  If the soil is too compact the water and fertilizer and air will not be getting to the grass properly.  Our professional lawn aeration services will get your lawn going when soil compaction is the issue.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance
We maintain contracts across the Buffalo and Western New York area to provide tree services such as tree maintenance.  Tree maintenance includes foliage protection for various seasons in the area, tree and shrub fertilization programs, tree injections, insect control, and much much more.  Let the Evergreen Lawn & Tree Service maintain your trees to keep your business and or home beautiful.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Available!
Whether you need help with your home or your business, Evergreen Lawn & Tree Care is ready to help you. Our experience with maintaining lawns in the Buffalo and WNY area will be an asset to your lawn.

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